THE Best SERP Tracker: Pro Rank Tracker Review & Features!

Review Summary

With the complications of trying to track your search ranking, you know that there has to be some tool that can do the job for you. There are now so many factors that can affect a page’s ranking. Factors like location, time, and even the kind of devices used can easily have positive and negative effects on your page ranking. And whether it be for simple blogs or company websites, knowing how your page ranks can give you the needed edge in your business or market.

This review will be about one of the highly recommended rank tracking tool, Pro Rank Tracker. Covered in this review will discuss what is Pro Rank Tracker, how it is used, and who can benefit from it.  It also has a short discussion on the types of trackers found in the market and what to look for and what to avoid in getting a rank tracker, a list of pros and cons on the product is also included in this review as well.

What is Pro Rank Tracker?

Pro Rank Tracker is just the right tool that you can use. It is a secure, cloud based, rank tracking and reporting application that can improve search engine optimization and search engine marketing for your pages. This app can give you up to date, easy to understand ranking data that can help you make the needed steps in order to top over your competition. And being cloud based makes access easy and available any time, any where.

So, in a nutshell, Pro Rank Tracker is a worthwhile competitor to consider in a market flooded of SEO tools. PRT boasts of its high accuracy algorithm that can easily track your page ranking. It can automatically give you updates (daily, or on demand, depending on your plan) of the ranking of your inputted tracked terms. Not only is it easy to use and readily accessible, it also has English, Danish, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish as supported languages. supported languages. And with over 600,000 clients / users worldwide, you know that Pro Rank Tracker is a tool that you can trust.

Who is Pro Rank Tracker for?

Pro Rank Tracker indeed packs the punch. It is versatile and flexible enough to be used by a variety of businesses. The application has a wide range of plans that can be fitted accordingly to the SEO needs of your business. So whether you are a small one man business, or a marketing agency of multiple companies. Pro Rank Tracker can be tailor fitted accordingly.

Pro Rank Tracker plans include the basic features like:

  • Unlimited Reports
  • 100% White-label
  • Local & Mobile Tracking
  • Shared Reports
  • Save to Cloud Storage
  • PRT Mobile App
  • 24/7 Ticket Support
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Daily Automatic Updates

And if you go beyond the free account, you can opt for the following added features:

  • Full SERPs
  • Sub-accounts (Logins)
  • Site-Audit Sites
  • Site-Audit Pages
  • Update-on-demand
  • MyRanks Client App
  • API Access
  • Dedicated Account Manager

The versatility of Pro Rank Tracker plans can be greatly beneficial to a wide selection of users. While the features are enough to cover for tracking and reporting needs, the plans allow you to be able to choose the one that would suit your business need. All the plans have the basic features. But features like the number of Terms, Sub-accounts, Site-Audit Sites, Site-Audit Pages vary and increase the higher the plan and the other paid features are also available to specific plans.

As an example, if you are going to use Pro Rank Tracker for your business, if you get the Starter Pack, you can input 500 Terms, 5 Audit Sites, and 100,000 Audit Pages. Standard Pack can get you 1,000 Terms, 10 Audit Sites, 1 Sub-account, and 250,000 Audit Pages. Advance Pack has 2,000 Terms, 20 Audit Sites, 2 Sub-accounts, and 500,000 Audit Pages. The Business Plan is the most flexible that can get you 3,000 – 100,000 Terms, 30 – 1,000 Audit Sites, 3 – 100 Sub-accounts, and 750,000 – 1,000,000 Audit Pages.

So with all these ability to scale according to needs, one man teams, small businesses, affiliate and internet marketers, online sellers, bloggers, and vloggers can now use the right features that would best suit them. This makes Pro Rank Tracker the best choice for any user.

What type of Rank Trackers are there?

Rank tracking tools, whether stand alone or part of a pack, are flooding the market. And getting the right one would depend on understanding what kind of tracker would work best for you. And since tracking tools come in all shapes and sizes, it would really be hard to categorise. So, to get an idea on which one to get, we  can try grouping them by how they are installed.


Rank tracker desktop application programs are softwares installed in the computer. The installer might be a download, but basically, you do not need a browser in order to use it. One advantage of using these installed applications is that it can run a bigger number of search keywords and do a workabout on Google.

This is essentially good for single accounts since one of its ways of tricking Google is to try to create a semblance of searches done by humans (which means it is slow). Which makes this application to be a wrong choice for SEO/digital agencies and clients/businesses that would need multiple accounts for their business.

Browser Plugins

The greatest advantage of using rank tracker plugins is because it can hide behind the browser that it is added on, making it harder for Google to detect. Plus it works fast, really fast. You can get the results in a snap. But running these plugins do not always guarantee success. Often times it is detected, especially if a large amount of keywords are inputted. These kinds of trackers work well for small scale businesses and for freelancers.


Of the three, this is the most convenient. You would not need to install any softwares thus allowing you to completely eliminate compatibility problems with your systems and that of the app.  Though these types of tools cost more than their desktop application counterparts, they are actually more stable and automated. These tools can do local and international search trackings.

Also, unlike the other types of trackers, these web based ones usually run scheduled tracking and can only report by the schedule and routine. Most big SEO marketing agencies and companies use these types of rank trackers.

Pro Rank Tracker is an example of a cloud based tracking tool. It can track the following rank types:

  • Organic non local desktop ranking
  • Organic local desktop ranking
  • Mobile search ranking
  • UI language influence in ranking
  • Snack Pack ranking
  • Google video page ranking
  • Youtube video search page ranking
  • Amazon search ranking

Pro Rank Tracker is unique in that it is not limited by the disadvantages of only being a web based tracker. It is all that, and so much more. It has a mobile application, a cPanel and WordPress plugins. It is a tie in of the three kinds of rank tracker.

What to look for when buying a Rank Tracker?

There are so many factors to consider in choosing the right rank tracker to get. And with the many options there are in the market, the pressure to choose the right one can be overwhelming. Here is a simple list of things that you need to check before buckling down with a choice.


This is the obvious first in choosing the right tracker. While you might expect that most tools out on the market are more or less accurate enough to give you an honest picture of your ranking, a small difference in the accuracy of the ranking can totally mean a lot. Always go for a tracker with 100% accuracy. Because anything less can make or break your marketing strategy.


How far can a tracker track? While there are many ranking types, each important in giving a clearer and more accurate report, perhaps the most important to note would be the following:

Mobile ranks tracking

The numbers show that mobile searches are done on mobile devices. This is a very important fact that should be part of every SEO strategy. Having a mobile site and a tracker that can track mobile ranking is essential. So you better get a rank tracker that knows the real deal.

Local rank tracking

We have all seen how personalised searches are these days. Search for any local services, like a good doctor, a local favorite hang out place, or the nearest seafood restaurant, and you get results that show you everything local, right down to the diner that serves the best sandwich right across the street.


This one is not only about the number of search keywords that can be tracked. Yes, it is pretty much basic that the rank tracker you use should be able to rank all the keywords that need to be tracked. This might be okay in the beginning. There are plenty of free version rank tracker tools that allocate a decent amount of keywords. But a tracker that has the ability to adapt to an increase or decrease on the number of terms is a wise choice.


Google might be the biggest search engine (for now), but it is not the only search engine. There is Bing, Yahoo, and even Amazon and Youtube. Not to mention all the other local search engines that are used in specific countries like Yandex, Ask & Excite. Being able to track your ranking from a diverse number of search engines can allow you to have more realistic and relevant tracking results.  And it won’t hurt if your tracker is keen in including the nuances of UI language influence in ranking.


It may be last in this list, but it certainly matters much in the grand scheme of things. Choosing the right rank tracker is about considering your budget and your needs for one. Choose a tracker that can grow with you. Sure, you might start out with a free account. That is an honest way of testing the waters. Study the plans and see if it is flexible enough to accommodate future growth for your business. If it does, then you have found the right one.

What to avoid when looking for the Rank Trackers?

While we have tackled the things to look for a rank tracker that would work great for you in the previous section, here are still some points that you need to look out for and avoid (and most are just the opposites of what was previously discussed):


This should be given the highest regard. You would think that with accuracy of results being the top feature that a rank tracker should have. You would be surprised that when you look around, there are very few tracking tools that can back a 100% accuracy claim.


Different trackers have different tracking coverage. Your choice should be the one with the most coverage as possible. Don’t forget that mobile tracking is important, and so should local and non local tracking. If you cannot get both of that on a tracker, then don’t bother with it.


Don’t be limited with only the major search engines. There are many parts of the globe who do not (or cannot) use the generic search engines that we are used to. Consider also the diversity of languages that your rank tracker can go through. In order to get the more accurate “global” result of your ranking, avoid trackers that have limited SE and UI language diversity.


You know what you need. A rank tracker that functions as a rank tracker. There are plenty of tools out there that have so many additional add-on functions that you might use once or twice (mostly, never), that not only increases its price value, but also actually limits its efficiency. Be sure to get the product that can give you what you need, and that is an efficient and accurate keyword ranking tracker.


At the end of it all, being the user, getting the right product can also mean your comfortability in using it. Which is why it matters a lot to get a tracker that runs smoothly, and is organized and interfaced in a way that can be easily used and managed by the novice and the expert.

Pros and Cons of Pro Rank Tracker

Pro Rank Tracker is one of the best rank tracking tools in today’s market. We will dive in and discuss its features in detail, but prior to that, let us start with some pros and cons lists:

Pros of Pro Rank Tracker

  • Pro Rank Tracker claims 100% track reporting accuracy
  • Daily updates with on-demand updates added feature
  • Multilingual user interface
  • Easy access with web based application
  • Mobile app availability for on the go checking
  • International, local, and mobile rank tracking efficiency
  • Availability of analysis and research tools like Site-Audit, Rankings Discovery, Keyword Search Volume, Keyword Suggestions, and Full SERPs Competition Tools
  • White label template customization available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Dutch
  • Live shared report hosting that are 100% customizable
  • Plans are varied and flexible
  • Exceptional tech support

Cons of Pro Rank Tracker

  • Default view does not include ranking by device
  • Few video tutorials

There isn’t a lot to complain about a tool that does what it promises to do. While there are plenty of other SEO tools out there that seem to boast of being a one stop shop, Pro Rank Tracker does its job of rank tracking, and it is no boasting to say that it does it best.

Best Pro Rank Tracker Features

Most accurate algorithm

As claimed, Pro Rank Tracker has the best algorithm among all other rank trackers. Its up-to-date ranking can give you deep into the top 100 results, plus you can opt to receive more than your daily updates depending on your plan. It also supports ranking not only from popular search engines, but also from other multi-language ones. Also, it can track results from organic local and non local, and mobile results.

SEO analysis and research tools

Pro Rank Tracker has a lot to offer with regard to analysis and research. It has a Reporting Center that can help you create a variety of reports as you might need, a Site-Audit Tool to help and improve your SEO, a Ranking Discovery Tool to help you find the right keywords that can be used to rank your sites, and a comprehensive keyword search volume data from Google, Bing, YouTube, and Amazon.

Full SERPs

This advance feature is a groundbreaking analysis tool that can check the top 100 results plus all the additional data and trends in the ranks. You will be able to see all the rank happenings (and if you are making your SEO tactics happen or not) for very low plan prices.

White label reporting

Pro Rank Tracker gives you the best option when it comes to reporting. Aside from giving you current rankings, progress, comparison and benchmark, and live reports, PRT has the option of making it as personalised as possible. You can have the most comprehensive and in-depth reporting customised with the template customization tool. This can allow you to have the report done in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian or Dutch, plus you can add in personalised logos and company details. You can choose to have the files in PDF, XLSX or CSV formats and you can also have it saved to any Dropbox or Drive accounts.

Mobile Apps

Pro Rank Tracker has two mobile apps that offer convenience on the go. The PRT Mobile App gives you mobility, allowing you to check your rankings and even download your reports at your convenience. The MyRanks App is a mobile app that your clients can download through iOs or Android. It is a personalised app, with all your branding details. MyRanks can be set up to display the reports and rankings as in a shared report, but with the convenience of an app.

Video Introduction – Intro – Software Overview – Dashboard, URL View, Term View & List View – MyRanks Mobile App

Pro Rank Tracker Gallery

How do you use Pro Rank Tracker?

If you are ready to dive in, you go ahead and explore around with a free account to get a feel of how Pro Rank Tracker works. Below are some tips that can help you on how to go around with this amazing tool.

How to change settings in Pro Rank Tracker

The Settings tab can be found near the bottom of the left menu. Select PRT Settings. From there, you can make the changes from the General, Rankings, Reports, Bookmarks, White Label, and MyRanks Client App tabs.


From this tab you can edit your time zone to be able to set it to your local time, set you default search engines that would appear on the Add URL form by default, choose to show the Dashboard, URL View, Term View or List View, or your bookmarked PRT page as the default page upon log-in.


On this tab you can set your default filter box tab and loaded groups at the URL View. You can also change the settings of the results table by setting the default terms rows layout for the URL View, by selecting the number of term rows to show on preview, and setting the URL and Terms Order.


The Results tab will allow you to select if you want to show on the reports the term type icons and/or symbols key. You can also select if the charts scale should be in logarithmic or linear charts, set your default PDF template that you download or attach, and add an additional sender email for email reports.


This tab allows you to add bookmarks and to change where you want your bookmarks to appear on the left navigation panel

For paid plans, you can customise and set up a custom domain with a custom logo for your shared reports. Paid plans can also have the MyRank Client App and its default settings for your clients like entering a phone number, email address, postal address.

How to use Site-Audit Tool in Pro Rank Tracker

This tool crawls your website for errors and analyses it for optimisation. You can view this in the main menu under Tools. From there you can add a new site-audit report. Just fill in the URL that you wish to work on, the maximum pages and external URLs to crawl. You can opt to have sub-domains crawled as well.

How to use the Rankings Discovery Tool in Pro Rank Tracker

Rankings Discovery is a tools that discovers term combinations that PRT discovered but are not currently added as a tracked term. You can find this under Tools from the left menu. Once there, you will see all the added URLs/terms that you entered from the Advanced Add or Add Wizard. Under it you can filter which group and URLs that you want displayed, but as a default, all URLs that you have added will appear.

From the list on the left, you can click on the terms that you want to track and move it on the box on the right. Once done, you can click the orange “Add” button at the bottom right of the page.

Pro Rank Tracker FAQ

Can ranks be checked on demand?

Ranks are by default updated once daily. However, it can be available on demand for paid plans. Bronze accounts are allowed one per day. Silver to Enterprise (6500T) can have two request per searched term per day, and the Enterprise 15KT and above are allowed three request per searched term per day.

Does PRT have an affiliate program?

Yes, PRT offers an affiliate program where you can earn up to 20% recurring commission for the lifetime of each referred account. Once you sign up to any PRT plan, click on your Account Dashboard and Activate Affiliate Account. You can enter the affiliated page by clicking on your name and choosing “Affiliates”. From there you can get your affiliate links and check on your referral stats and sign ups.

Are there any online payment options?

You can pay online through PayPal. For Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Diner, and JCB  credit card payments, can do so via 2CheckOut. Visa and MasterCard PIN debit and debit cards are also available options.

Is it possible to switch plans?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your account. To do so, you need to be logged in. Then click on your account name and click on “Upgrade/Downgrade”. Choose your new plan of choice. From there, you can proceed to payment.

Can I connect PRT to Cloud?

PRT can be synced with your Dropbox or Google Drive accounts. You can do so by selecting “Reports” then “Cloud Storage”. From there, click on “Connect” and follow the steps as per each associated site.

What reports can I make in PRT?

There are tons of customizable reports that you can make with PRT. There are the Overview Reports, Note Reports, Groups Summary, and Tag Summary. You can also get the Progress Reports with a daily breakdown, weekly, or monthly reports. URLs and SE Comparison Reports can also be done, as well as Benchmark Reports that can compare terms rankings of a single URL between two dates, two weeks, or two months. You can also do a Shared Clients Report, or better yet, the MyRanks Apps for live access to the reports. These can all be automated and email notifications can be set.

Alternatives to Pro Rank Tracker

While Pro Rank Tracker is at the top of the list for rank tracking tools, here are other alternatives that you might want to check out:


SERPWatcher is an effective rank tracking tool that is part of Mangools SEO tool set. This tracker can track results from specific locations, and even track keyword ranking for desktop and mobile. It has an easy to use dashboard interface that allows you to view all critical data in one screen. Updates are given out daily, and perform one key metric. One of SERPWatcher’s disadvantage is that its SEO data are mostly based on educated theories, and are not really as accurate as you would want it to be.


AuthorityLabs has an easy and user friendly interface for keyword rank tracking. Results can easily be compared and sorted according to your preference. It is a simple monitoring tool that is worth its price. However, its simplistic interface makes it also its weakness, as it is too rudimentary. Also, mobile and non mobile keyword tracking has to be done separately.

SE Ranking

SE Ranking is not only for monitoring keyword search ranking. It has great features like SEO competitor research and comparison, backlink explorer, and others. It has well priced plans, and with a low starting price, it is a great tool to have for small businesses, freelancers, bloggers, and beginner SEO users. However, SE Ranking does not provide enough data to build links on competitor backlinks. Also, its interface can be a bit confusing, so it might have a learning curve especially for beginners.

Pro Rank Tracker Pricing

Monthly fee$49$89$129$180-$3,300
Yearly fee (10% off)$44$80$116$162-$2,970
Unlimited URLs
Daily automatic updates
Full SERPs××
Sub-accounts (logins)24200
Site – Audit sites510201,000
Site – Audit pages100,000250,000500,0005,000,000
MyRanks Client App×
API access×××
Dedicated account manager×××
Unlimited reports
100% white label
Local & mobile tracking
Shared reports
Exact search volume
Save to cloud storage
PRT Mobile App
24/7 ticket support

Pro Rank Tracker Voucher Code

Pro Rank Tracker Support and Customer Service

Customer care service support for Pro Rank Tracker is one of its assets. They are quick to respond, and are considerate and friendly on the get go. Aside from the usual life line avenues like emails and 24/7 live chat support, Pro Rank Tracker offers dedicated account managers, depending on your plan, to personally help you with any concerns and problems at the soonest and fastest way. Aside from that, you can book a one-on-one Skype guidance that can connect you to account managers that are always ready to help, plus ticket support is also available 24/7.

In addition to all of that, Pro Rank Tracker has a wide array of tutorial videos that can guide you as you learn the software, and a FAQ page that covers most, if not all, of your questions.

User Reviews of Pro Rank Tracker

A versatile rank tracker!

Gina E. – Validated user

Digital Marketing Associate

Sports, 11-50 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: Pro Rank Tracker is a popular rank tracking tool that helps me check my rankings and it gives me a complete picture of how my websites are performing. It allows me choose from URL, Term or List view to view my rankings. Adding or editing URLs or keywords is easy. They have a Rankings Discovery tool to discover other keywords that my websites are ranking for and add them to the tracker.

It can also track keywords on Google, Yahoo, Bing and Amazon. I can also track the position of my videos on Youtube. The tracker is accurate and I can update my rankings on demand.

Cons: Even with fast internet connection, sometimes it can get slow specially during login. That’s the only minor drawback of this amazing tool.

The best ranking dashboard you could find

Silviu C. Linked in square

Web Designer

Computer Games

Used the software for: 2+ years

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: Great results, very high accurate results, you can slit results for a given keyword by location, browser, device, and so on. Their are highly customizable for everyone who needs a different and accurate perspective to look at things. Daily updates and reporting

Cons: Not being able to measure social media, just video is a huge minus for this great team, but the price is really good, will keep using into the feature.

Solid Rank Tracker With Good Reporting Functionality

Stephen M.


Marketing and Advertising, 1-10 employees

Used the software for: 2+ years

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: Accurate. Good reporting.

Overall: I have used Pro Rank Tracker for the past couple of years and find it easy to use, and accurate.

The ability to track rankings at a local level (and positions in the Snack Pack), as well as national rankings, make it particularly helpful when dealing with local clients.

I like how easy it is to set up automatic reporting, and my clients can get daily weekly or monthly reports depending on what is most appropriate.

PRT is an excellent tool and continues to develop.

The TOP rank tracking solution for affiliate marketers

Greg J.

Internet Marketer

Marketing and Advertising, Self-employed

Used the software for: 1-2 years

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: It’s very robust and allows you to hyper target pretty much anything you want to do with SEO. Also, it gives you a lot of automation with reports, which makes your life much easier if you’re working with clients.

Cons: I personally prefer the previous UI but other than that it’s the best tracking solution on the market for the most affordable price. Every other solution out there comes with less features and costs more.

Overall: Every day I review and filter through numerous tools, softwares and solutions for internet marketing. While there are dozens of rank tracking solutions out there, Pro Rank Tracker provides the most robust solution on the market for the most affordable price. If you’re looking for a rank tracking solution for SEO, I highly recommend it.

Recommendations to other buyers: It’s just a great solution and if you’re serious about anything in business you need to be tracking it. So, if you’re involved in SEO, I definitely recommend a rank tracking solution, and they have a free plan to get started, so you really have no excuse.

Great serp tracking software, most customizable of all of them

Fabian P.

Sales Manager

Used the software for: 6-12 months

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: We are a company based on internet searches traffic, our top keywords have very strong competition, so after searching for dozens of exact and practical software to track and report we manage to find It is a success story with up to date reports, mobile and local rankings which gives us the whole picture every day.

Cons: I consider the insight being a great analytical tool, the most functionality in my opinion on a budget is a plan, the lower ones are just not practical.

Pro Rank Tracker is the most accurate rank tracker around

Stefan S.


Internet, Self-employed

Used the software for: 1-2 years

Overall: 5/5

Ease of Use: 5/5

Features & Functionality: 5/5

Customer Support: 5/5

Value for Money: 5/5

Pros: Explore rankings.

Accurate results .

Snack Pack and good local ranking tools.

Cons: Mobile version could be better and Pro Rank Tracker could also have a Windows Phone 10 app.

Overall: We have been using Pro Rank Tracker now over a year. Before we found Pro Rank Tracker we used multiple ranking tools online. Pro Rank Tracker has very good reporting tools and white label tools. We do especially like the explore ranking tool.

Next Steps

Pro Rank Tracker is indeed the tool that you need for ranking your keywords. It is user-friendly, with a smooth interface that would make it a useful tool for beginners.  Its free trial is a decent enough account to use, especially for bigger businesses. Pro Rank Tracker plans are versatile, convenient, and affordable.

Click HERE to try the free version of Pro Rank Tracker.