Review – Best Staff Outsourcing Website for Small Businesses! is an online job posting site that helps remote employers find virtual assistants, freelancers, and other skilled workers who can work remotely. It helps employers find long-term outsourced employees in the easiest and most hassle-free way.

What is is a job posting site that is based in the Philippines. Companies or employers who would like to hire writers, designers, and virtual assistants from the Philippines can upload a job post on the site and hire a qualified applicant immediately.

Jobseekers from the Philippines can also create a profile on the site to highlight their personal information, skills, and work experience. This will make the screening process easier for potential employers.

Who is for?

Companies/Employers is for both employers and jobseekers. Employers from different parts of the world are welcome to post a job on the site. Companies and small to medium-sized business owners are welcome to post a job offer on the site. is created for companies and employers who are looking to outsource some tasks and services from their business to qualified applicants.

Employers can look for Virtual Assistants (VA), Social Media managers, writers, designers, marketers, web developers, programmers, and more. The job position can either be full-time, part-time, or freelance.

Filipino Jobseekers

Even though accepts job posts from employers in different parts of the world, its talent pool (applicants) is mainly from the Philippines.

The website is targeted to Filipinos who are looking to work from home (online); whether full-time, part-time, or freelance.

Jobseekers can create a profile where their personal information, skills and experience can be shown. But to get a job, they need to personally apply or reply to a job post.

Jobseekers from the Philippines can also create a profile on the site to highlight their personal information, skills, and work experience. This will make the screening process easier for potential employers.

What type of Outsourcing Sites are there? is similar to outsourcing sites such as Upwork,, and Fiverr. In fact, it is constantly compared to these sites., Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr are all similar because they provide a platform for employers to find qualified employees to outsource some work. However, they are also different in many ways.

For small one-time projects, employers will find Fiverr more convenient because it is cheaper (generally $5 per output) and quicker to find a qualified freelancer from their directory list.

Employers who are looking to complete a big and complicated project can find Upwork and useful because of its tracking tools and feedback/review system.

For companies and employers who are looking to work with Filipino outsourced workers on a long-term basis, is the best option.

All 4 outsourcing sites require job seekers to create a profile where their photo, personal information, skills, portfolio, resume, experience and professional background can be displayed.

In these sites, employers have the option of personally reaching out to a freelancer who may have matched their desired skill set. Job seekers on,, and Upwork can personally browse and apply directly for a certain job post.

What to look for when outsourcing your work?

Outsourcing tasks and processes for your business should not be done in a whim. First and foremost, you have to quantify if the job is actually doable for someone who is from halfway across the globe.

If you think that certain tasks can be done for someone who works from home, then that means that those tasks can be outsourced. And if you have started looking for one, make sure you take note of the following factors too:


This is also a basic factor if you choose to hire a remote worker from a different country. You have to make sure that they possess the necessary skill set and technical qualifications to do the job properly.

To know if an outsourced applicant is a perfect match, you may always view through their profile and resume. Ask for sample works if there are any. Some employers even administer a qualifying test to sort out who is the real deal.


When you decide to outsource some tasks, you also have to consider what type of employee you would like to add for your business. Will they be working full-time, part-time, or just contract them for a certain project?

Setting this beforehand will prevent a lot of headache between you and the future employee. It will also get you ready in terms of budgeting or estimating their salary or project costs.


If you require a specific qualification or skill set, like if you are looking for native english speakers for example, then your search for a freelancer or outsourced worker should be narrowed down to locations that employ English as their first language.

Location also matters if you want your employee to have stable and fast Internet connections. The average Internet speed differs from country to country, and some are more stable and faster than others.

Location does not really matter much for some employers, but for those who have special considerations (professional, cultural, traditional, or technical ones), then it is best to narrow your search down to certain locations.


Good communication is key if you want your outsourcing venture to succeed and become fruitful for you and your new employee. Think about how you would like to monitor your remote employees, and make sure you disclose that during the application stage.

Some freelancers and outsourced workers don’t really like to have their time closely monitored, while some are fine with it. Whatever your preference is, make sure you are clear about that and set measures on how best to check on them (like through emails, Skype, Slack, Hangouts, and other platforms)., and Upwork have built-in tools to help you with this. They have a time or employee tracker, and they can even facilitate payments fairly well on their own platform. But unlike and Upwork, don’t require employers to use their own tools once they are done hiring.


Of course, this is another huge factor when you decide to outsource some work. The salary, payment method, and service fees of the platforms you choose will have an effect on your overall budget or capital. So make sure you choose wisely!

The salary of your outsourced employee is one thing, but the service rates and money transfer rates are another. Although quite small in percentage, these can actually add up into significant amounts over time.

What to avoid when using

Although is a reputable outsourcing site, there are a few limitations to it. There are also practices that are best followed if you want to hire someone suitable in the shortest time possible. The following are things you should avoid when using


Job seekers from the database of have profiles where employers can view their personal information, skills, and experience. However, most of these profiles are not really updated. Some of them might have been hired already.

So if you want to save time, stop browsing through random profiles and post a job listing right away instead. When an applicant answers or replies to your job post, that is the best time to view their profile. Profiles are still helpful, but only when you need to sift through multiple applicants for a job position.


It’s free to post a job listing on, but the problem is, you cannot actually see answers and replies from applicants up until you go premium. Sure, you can see the number of replies to your job post, but you cannot read, screen or reply to these applicants.

Employers who want to hire a qualified outsourced worker in the shortest time possible will do better if they can reply to applicants right away. A premium account will also display your contact details and personal links (if any). These details are blurred out for non-premium job posters.


Indicating the position, work hours, and employment type (full-time, part-time or freelance) in your job post is not enough. You have to set reasonable expectations for potential employees too.

To find the most qualified persons, you have to tell something about yourself (or the company), your existing work culture, monitoring systems, payment methods, and technical requirements (if any).

By setting expectations and requirements from your job post, this can help you attract applicants who can best fit the job in no time.


If you are looking for native English speakers on, then you are in the wrong place. Remember that the talent pool of is mainly from the Philippines, and although many of its workforce can speak and write good English, it is not really their primary/first language.

For employers who are looking for good English writers, telemarketers, and call/chat support staff, is still a great place to look for such. But if you want someone who is truly a native English speaker, then it is best to look for employees/freelancers from a global talent pool.

Pros and Cons of

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Pros of


Unlike Upwork and, don’t take a cut from the cost of your projects. Their premium services are available on a subscription basis (like Spotify and Netflix), and you can cancel this at anytime! Employers can go Pro for only $69 while Premium is $99 per month.

So basically, if you already found a good match after a few weeks from posting a job offer, then you don’t have to pay anything in the upcoming months! You can cancel your premium account and work with your new employee freely without worrying about recurring service fees.

JOB CATEGORIES AND PROFILES FOR EASIER HIRING AND SCREENING has filters in place to help you find the best applicant as fast as possible. There are direct ways to communicate with them, and there are categories and profiles available to help keep your search narrowed down.


Again, does not require recurring fees for employers to use their platform. Aside from that, they give both employers and applicants the freedom to communicate and continue the screening process elsewhere (like through personal email and Skype).

And even though has their own time tracker and payment facilities, employers have the freedom to use other modes for such.

Cons of


Employees and job seekers at are mainly from the Philippines. If you are looking for professionals from different other countries, this is not the best platform for you.


This is a consequence of the site’s hands-off approach. may leave employers and their employees to continue a professional relationship outside the platform, but when things go wrong – both employer and employee cannot turn to the website for assistance and support. For example, if your employee suddenly disappears after some time, then you are on your own.

Best Features

Best For Finding Long-Term Outsourced Employees is best for employers who are looking for permanent, long-term outsourced employees. The monthly flat-rate fee is more cost-effective for employers who are looking for a qualified applicant from the website’s talent pool. also accommodates employers who are just looking for part-timers and freelancers. The arrangement can depend on the personal agreement between employer and employee. Its payment system is just more suitable and cost-effective for those who are looking for long-term workers.

No Recurring Charges or Fees offers 2 different types of premium packages that are priced at $69 and $99. Both are paid in a monthly basis, and there are no other additional charges even after screening and hiring an applicant. Once the employer finds the right applicant/employee, the subscription can be cancelled at anytime. No more fees will be deducted from either employer or employee by then.

Hands-Off Approach

The hands-off approach by in the screening and hiring process is great for employers who like to contact applicants directly through other platforms (such as Gmail and Skype) after finding them on the site. allows employers to be more flexible in the hiring process, and there is no need to use or familiarize in-house tools from the site.

Premium Screening and Hiring Service Available

For employers who are really busy, offers a screening and hiring service for $500. Employers who sign up for this service can rely on to screen and shortlist qualified applicants in behalf of their company or business. This is perfect for employers and business owners who don’t have the time to reply to applicants or administer the hiring process themselves. for Workers

For job seekers or applicants, is fairly easy to use. There are thousands of job posts listed on the site, so there are plenty of opportunities to go around with.

Searching for the right type of job is easy because it can be narrowed down to several categories. Jobs are classified into different sectors such as Writing, Marketing & Sales, Software Development, Professional Services and more.

Job seekers can also filter job posts depending on employment type – whether full-time, part-time, or on a freelance basis. To apply for a job, it is however required to sign up and set up a profile on their database.

Setting up a profile is however beneficial to any job seeker because the information can help employers determine if you are the right match for the job. There are also optional tests to take for job seekers who want to demonstrate their skills and IQ level.

Facebook verification and uploading a scanned ID also increases the chance of getting hired. These are not really necessary, but job seekers need to at least raise their ID proof to 65 and up to apply for most of the available job positions.

Tips for using


On, it is best recommended for employers to post a job listing right away and wait for willing applicants to reply. This saves much more time rather than looking at profiles and messaging them personally. First of all, they might not reply because they are not looking for work. Second, the profile might be old or outdated.

Another important thing to keep in mind is, you have to make your job post really catchy! Market the job position to applicants nicely, and be clear about the position, job description, company details, technical requirements, and other personal expectations.


You could be flooded with a lot of responses, and that can be overwhelming! As an employer, you might be only looking to fill in just 1 to 5 positions at any given time. Having 50 or a hundred or more applicants can be very daunting. So how can you weed out the unsuitable ones?

First is to put safeguards on the job post itself. In your job description and details, add a little something that applicants should do if they are going to reply or apply for the job.

For example, you may require them to add the word “COFFEE” on their subject line when they reply. This special instruction can help you immediately weed out applicants who did not read the entire job post itself.

For applicants who get that first instruction right, it’s time to check out their replies and then weed out the low-quality ones. Now this can only be determined according to your own standards and personal preference. If grammar is a big deal for the job, then it is best to filter out replies that have several typos and grammar mistakes on them.

Now that you have a shortlist of potentially good applicants, you have to view their profiles first before you proceed to contact them. Try to check out their skills, experience, and personal background if they would be a good fit for your job offer.

Finally, reply to your shortlisted applicants and inform them how they can go about on the next step of the hiring process. Ask them to send an email, schedule a Skype interview, or take a test.


When it comes to remote employees, good communication is key. So it is very important to be clear about the job and company expectations at the very beginning of your working relationship. Most of all, treat your employees professionally and accord them proper respect – the way you wanted to be treated and respected too.

Now there are instances that remote employees just suddenly disappear without any notice. This happens and it could be very frustrating because it could delay your projects and deliverables. But rather than waiting for them to pop in again, you might as well make it clear that such a disappearance is a cause for immediate termination.

Make it clear from the very start that when they can’t reply to emails after 1 to 2 business days, they lose the job. This way, you can patch up any unfinished work with your remaining team at the shortest time possible, and then move on to find better and more reliable VAs.

Video Introduction

For those who want to watch instructional videos of, below are a few videos from the founder, John Jonas, himself. Gallery

How do you use

There are different ways to use because that would depend if you are an employer looking for a virtual assistant and outsourced worker, or if you are a Filipino worker who is searching for an online job.

However, is fairly easy to use for both employer and jobseekers. If you need some help, here is a step by step guide for you:


How To Post A Job Listing On

  1. To upload a job post on, you need to login as an employer. Basically, you have to make an account first (don’t worry, creating an account is free!).
  2. Click on “Post A Job” found on the upper right corner of the screen.
  3. Fill out the form to provide details about the job. This includes the job title, description, wage, type of employment, ID proof (of job seekers), and the skills that you require from applicants/potential employees.
  4. Don’t forget to provide your contact details so job seekers can directly contact you.
  5. Click “Post Job” and you’re done!

How To Find The Best Employees In

  1. First of all, you have to upgrade to a premium account.
  2. After upgrading to a premium account, you can now see and reply to applicants who were interested in your job post.
  3. You can communicate with them by simply replying to their message.
  4. If it helps, you can view their profile to see if their skills and experiences are the right fit for the job.
  5. Come up with a shortlist of the best applicants you have, and proceed to an interview, negotiation, or a skill test. You can take this step elsewhere (like through Skype and personal email).

How To Manage Employees Using gives employers the freedom to use other tools when it comes to managing their employees. But in any case, they also provide in-house tools such as Time Proof and EasyPay.

Time Proof helps monitor and manage the work time of employees, while EasyPay is a payment facility that can be used after 1 week from hiring an applicant.


How To Set Up A Profile In

  1. For job seekers, you have to set up a profile in before you can apply to any job listing. Just click on “Register” found on the upper right corner of the website. Don’t worry, creating a profile is free.
  2. Click “I Want to Work.”
  3. Fill in the form with your necessary details. Your name and email are most vital.
  4. After that, fill in your profile with more details to increase your ID Proof. Some employers require at least 60 to 70 worth of ID Proof for potential applicants.
  5. To increase ID Proof, you can link in your Facebook profile for verification. You can also take tests, upload your resume, scan a government ID, write a summary of your skills and experience, and upload a profile picture.

How To Look For Suitable Jobs In

  1. After setting up a profile, you can scour for available jobs on the website itself. Just click on “Job Listings” found on the upper right part of the site.
  2. The jobs are categorized in different sectors, choose what type of job you are looking and more qualified for.
  3. You can also narrow your results by searching through keywords and using a sub-category. You can also filter jobs according to employment type (full-time, part-time, or freelance).

How To Apply For A Job In

  1. Browse through the listings and if you see an interesting one, just click on the post to read the full job description and instructions for application (if any).
  2. Click on “Apply” and type in your application in the message box. You can also link your resume and portfolio from there.
  3. Make sure you check the required ID proof. There are penalties  if you applied for a job that requires a higher ID proof than yours.
  4. Wait for the employer to reply.
  5. In the meantime, you can search and apply for other job openings. You may also bookmark job posts that you plan on applying in the next few days. FAQ

Do I Have to Pay Taxes?

No, you don’t have to pay any kind of taxes. Since Filipinos are overseas contract workers, you don’t have to include them in your 1099. You don’t even have to report their wages to the IRS.

How Much Should I Pay Employees?

The pay would depend on the skill set and work experience of your employee. For Virtual Assistant roles (full-time), the average salary per month would be $510. You can start hiring Filipino website service professionals at $400 per month.

Do I Have to Pay Employees a “13th Month Pay”?

The Philippines has a policy for companies and employers to pay a 13th month pay to all their employees every December. This should be equivalent to one month’s worth of their salary. It is also different or separate from the Christmas Bonus (which could be in any amount).

As an overseas employer, you are not compelled to pay your employees a 13th month pay, but it would be greatly appreciated if you do! Most Filipinos use their 13th Month Pay to celebrate the Holidays and buy gifts for loved ones.

Do I Have To Keep My Premium Account After Hiring An Employee?

No, you don’t have to keep a monthly premium subscription of after hiring a suitable employee. When you are done recruiting, you can cancel your premium account immediately.

Do The Applicants Work For

No, every job seeker on are individual workers who signed up with the website freely. They are not employees of The website only works as a platform for both employers and job seekers to come together. just works like a job posting board.

What Should I Do When My Employee Disappears?

Filipino employees are generally trustworthy and hardworking but unfortunately, instances like these also happen. To avoid situations like these, you really have to strengthen your screening process to vet out the unreliable ones.

Looking at an applicant’s ID Proof is one way. can also help find the most trustworthy and suitable workers for you via a Background Data Check service in one of their Premium account plans.

Alternatives to

As mentioned earlier, is similar to Upwork, and Fiverr. In fact, it is constantly compared to those sites.


Upwork lists freelancers from many parts of the world. It has a database of global talent that is larger than that which is only composed of Filipino outsourced workers.


Upwork earns by getting a cut from every completed project on their website. The service fee ranges from 5 to 20%, depending on the total value of the completed project. The service fee is generally subtracted on the freelancer’s end.


Upwork allows employers to post job listings for free, and they can proceed to select and hire outsourced workers or virtual assistants from their talent pool immediately.

Upwork helps employers find a good match after listing a job post. The process is automated, and it gives employers a short list of freelancers who could be qualified for the project.

Employers can then review the profile of their matches, interview, and hire them directly from the Upwork site.


Upwork is designed to hire freelancers or outsourced workers on a project to project basis. Once a project is done and paid for, then the deal is done.

Employers can still contact and hire the same workers for a new project, but there is no pressure to maintain a continuous working relationship with them. is another known platform for employers who are looking for remote workers. Its talent pool is also gathered globally, and their setup is closely similar to that of Upwork.

SERVICE FEES has a more complex service fee system. Fees vary depending on the type of project or the type of payment setup that is agreed upon between the employer and worker. However, just like Upwork, fees are only deducted after the completion of the project.

For contests and projects with a fixed price, gets a 10% service fee or $5 (whichever is greater) once the project is completed. For services, gets a 20% cut or service fee.

Employers don’t have to pay anything to post a job on, but talents or employees can upgrade to a premium account if they need to send out more than 8 proposals each month.

HIRING PROCESS’s hiring and screening process works just the same as Upwork. Employers can look at profiles and choose to hire a qualified freelancer from the site immediately.

However, employers can also opt to go through a bidding process where applicants are invited to bid for a project to be worked on. The employer does not have to choose the lowest bidder, they have the discretion to choose the one with the right skills and the best quote for the project.


Like Upwork, freelancers from are not expected to maintain a continuous working relationship with the employer.

Once a project is done, then that’s the end of it. If the employer does initiate a new project, they also have the discretion to hire the same workers again.


Fiverr is famous for being a central hub for $5 freelancing services. It’s an affordable and quick way to have small one-time projects get done by the pros. Like Upwork and, Fiverr has a database of talented freelancers from different parts of the world.


For every closed (done) project, Fiverr gets a flat 20% cut from them. This means that for every $5 project, Fiverr gets $1  from it. This fee is deducted from the freelancer’s end.


Fiverr’s process is the reverse version of Upwork. Instead of employers listing job posts and finding applicants, the freelancers themselves post their profile, skills, and sample works on the platform. Employers who are looking to get a project done can choose from the directory and contact the one who they think is the right fit.

Basically, it works like a directory listing of freelancers and outsourced workers. Employers only need to browse and search (by categories and subcategories) to get a qualified freelancer for the job. Star ratings and reviews from previous clients can help new employers choose the right person on Fiverr.


Like Upwork and, Fiverr is designed for one-time projects only. Most of all, it is designed to accommodate quick and small projects only such as logo designing, photo editing, rewriting, etc.

CONCLUSION: The advantage of compared to all these 3 alternative platforms is its hands-off approach to the hiring and screening process. There are no recurring fees or contracts that have to be upheld when you use

Employers can immediately cancel the premium account after hiring a suitable employee. Because of this setup, is the best option for employers who are looking for long-term remote employees. Pricing

Although setting up an account and posting a job offer in is initially free, employers have to upgrade to a premium account to reply to applicants and message potential employees.

Upgrading to a paid account will let employers proceed to the next step of the hiring/screening process. There are 2 types of premium accounts to choose from:

READ EMPLOYEE REVIEWSINCLUDEDINCLUDED Voucher Code Support and Customer Service is headquartered in Flowing Air Studios, Utah. If you need to contact them, just email [email protected] or write a message on their Contact Us page. The team is accommodating and prompt enough to respond to any queries or concerns.

User Reviews of

Here’s what other people have to say about

“We have gained strong, dedicated, knowledgeable employees that have helped us refine our processes.”

Validated User

What do you like best?

We were immediately able to access the resumes of job seekers who had the education and experience we required and browse through them to find exactly what we were looking for.

We love the ability to post a job opening online and set the requirements for applicants to ensure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the available position.

What do you dislike?

The formatting of the notification messages is a little clunky and requires accessing the site to gain additional information. A bit more profile information would be awesome.

Recommendations to others considering the product

If your company is looking to hire remote employees, this is definitely the solution for you. provides access to knowledgeable, skilled employees with a variety of strengths covering a wide range of industries. The job posting, candidate review, and hiring process is quick and easy. The resume search feature allows you to narrow qualified candidates by proficiency in desired skills, and there is an integrated payment portal for payroll convenience.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

The need to hire employees that have the necessary knowledge, are willing to learn our processes and procedures, and aren’t expecting to be paid the same as someone who has been in the industry for a decade or more.

We have gained strong, dedicated, knowledgeable employees that have helped us refine our processes. Even those employees who have been hired and not lasted for very long have helped us further analyze and refine the requirements for positions within our company.

Next steps

Try for yourself here. Registration is free!

After registering, you can also upload up to 3 job posts for free. However, you won’t be able to read and reply to applicants and potential employees unless you upgrade to a premium account.

It is best to sign up for a premium account right away so that the hiring and screening process can be expedited.