How to Increase Your Adsense Revenue: Ezoic Review!

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If you’re looking for the fastest, free way to increase the Adsense Revenue on your website, often by as much as 110 – 200%, then read on for our in-depth Ezoic review!

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What is Ezoic?

Ezoic is an automated tool that helps analyze ad content on websites, web content, layouts, applications, and more. It helps website owners and data experts analyze and gain unprecedented analytics that can help improve web revenues, website optimization, and user experience.

Ezoic is founded by Dwayne Lafleur. The company is based in San Diego, California, but it also has an office in the UK. Ezoic is used by over 200 million users per month from around the world. The company is funded by Balderton Capital, one of the largest venture capital firms in the UK.

Who is Ezoic for?

Ezoic’s tools and services are useful for the following people:

Website Owners

Website owners who want to increase ad revenues from their website and improve visitor experience can rely on Ezoic to provide data and analytics that can help them maximize the use and earning potential of their websites.

Ezoic offers an easier and faster way for site owners to optimize and manage website ads. Instead of constantly changing ad placements via trial and error or trying out new ad networks, Ezoic streamlines these process through smart automation and an automated split test system.

SEO & Digital Marketers

People who are hired to ensure that a website is optimized for search engines such as SEO experts, digital marketers and ad operations professionals would also benefit the most from Ezoic. Aside from an automated split test system, it can provide accurate data that can be used to formulate new (and better) strategies to ensure increased ad revenues, rankings, and user/visitor satisfaction. Ezoic also makes it easier to create reports about the site’s current and past performances for better comparison.


Many bloggers monetize their blog via ads. Just like digital marketers and website owners, bloggers can also benefit from Ezoic’s services. It helps bloggers optimize ads and even improve experience among blog visitors as they can enjoy the content more. 

Ezoic automatically analyzes every visitor’s preference when it comes to ads and browsing experience. It helps bloggers study the average time spent on blog content and identify possible causes of high bounce rates.

What other ways to increase website revenue?

Increasing website revenues require a strategy, and there are no defined steps to do this successfully. For the most part, it involves a mix of different kinds of approach such as:


Most blogs and even website owners earn through ads that are paid per click. Site owners can use Google AdSense for example to plug in ads in different parts of their site, and earn when visitors click these ads from their site. This is a great way to earn passive income for the site.

Some website owners will also allow paid advertising on their page wherein the cost will vary depending on the ad placement (like traditional billboards and print advertising). This involves direct communication and agreements with brand and product/business owners.


For e-commerce sites where the main revenue comes from product purchases on the site itself, improving customer experience is a sure way to boost revenue. This can come in many forms, but the point here is to ensure that a customer’s purchasing experience in the website is smooth and hassle-free as much as possible. This includes an easier navigation and browsing experience, fast-responding customer support, uncomplicated add to cart processes,  and more.


This concerns the technical aspect of your website. Each page of your site should be optimized (for keywords), fixed (if it has broken links and other issues), and have it indexable by search engines as much as possible. Sites that rank well in search engines like Google has a high chance of earning more because potential customers usually trust websites that show up at the first page of their search results.


Content Marketing is very much intertwined with SEO because this is where the most important keywords will be used to rank the website effectively. Content Marketing usually involves blogging, guest posting and building strong back links to and from other sites – all while providing helpful and informative content to users and site visitors as well.

A good Content Marketing strategy in place helps boost revenue because it helps optimize websites, and also gives a better and more meaningful user experience to visitors and customers as well. It also builds up credibility and maintains good relationships with customers. This encourages repeat purchases and higher brand awareness.


Doing this involves a mix of Content Marketing and Paid Advertising. Partnering with brands and affiliate marketing can help boost your website (or brand) into different places, but it is also a give and take relationship since you also have to do the same for your partner brands. 

Basically, brand partnerships and affiliate marketing are one of those ways where you can get more mileage to another brand’s customer base. This is a great strategy if you don’t just want to rely on Google for leads and potential customers.

What to look for when considering Ezoic?

If you are considering Ezoic, or if you are still comparing other tools that deliver similar services with Ezoic, these are the 3 main things you should consider:


The main factor to watch out for when considering tools like Ezoic is its overall performance. By testing ad layouts and optimizing ad content on websites, Ezoic can help increase site revenues by around 50 to 200%. 

Of course, no one wants to waste their time on tools that cannot barely give results. Ezoic is however a very promising automation tool that makes ad testing easier and more effective for website owners.


An easy integration system is important for tools like Ezoic because this means there is no hassle when it comes to setting up the service. For Ezoic, users can simply point their domain name on Ezoic servers to make it work. Users who prefer to insert codes on their site may also do so. There’s no need for additional apps, plug-ins and other steps, integration only requires users to either submit their domain name or insert a code snippet into the site.


Despite being integrated into the domain or website, Ezoic does not gain control over the site’s files, database, and many others. Users or website owners retain full control over their own websites. The Ezoic dashboard can even be customized to show up the most preferred statistics (for the site owner). 

Site owners who are looking for similar services and tools as that with Ezoic should look out if whether or not the service comes with minimal or some type of website control. This is important because it may limit your use and design of the site if the service comes with some type of control.

What to avoid when looking for the Ad Revenue Optimizers?

Ad Revenue Optimizers such as Ezoic is great for site owners and digital marketers who are looking to increase site revenue, but there are certain things to avoid when it comes to choosing such a tool or service:


Ad Revenue Optimizers that are difficult to set-up and complicated to use will only waste precious time for site owners and digital marketers. Ad Revenue Optimizers that require many steps to set-up and are also difficult to control or automate will also defeat its original purpose. 

Bloggers, website owners and digital marketers have other things to worry about (such as content and social media marketing), thus a difficult optimization tool is the last thing they will ever need. 


Ad Revenue Optimizers that gains control over the website can mess up files, database, layout, and other content on the website. Worse, it may even become a gateway for data breach. If you are a site owner or digital marketer, spare yourself from a lot of headache and just go with tools that won’t control any part of your website.


This is also part of site control. Sure, you need an Ad Revenue Optimizer to increase website revenues through ads, but this does not mean that the ads can be placed just anywhere on the site. 

Even though the tool can suggest the best placements and best performing ads for your website, the last say should still be yours. Site owners should be allowed to experiment which layout works best for them, Ad Revenue Optimization tools should work as a guide at best.


Nowadays, pop-up ads and intrusive ads will simply annoy users and website visitors. It also discourages most users from browsing further in your site. Your Ad Revenue Optimization tool should also take these human factors and considerations, because knowing user preferences can help increase site performance and revenues.

Pros and Cons of Ezoic

Ezoic is used by numerous site owners, bloggers and digital marketers from all around the world. It has gained a wide customer base because it is user-friendly and effective.

Pros of Ezoic


Ezoic is easy to integrate on websites, even beginners can do it. Site owners may either send their domain name to the server or insert a code snippet on the website.


Ezoic’s ad account managers provides excellent support and assistance in every step of the way. They update and monitor clients’ accounts every week, and even recommend changes and tweaks in the strategy and settings if necessary.


Ezoic supports different types of ad platforms, and that includes Google AdSense among others. Having more ad partners mean that you get to have more ad choices, categories, and these advertisers may even bid for placements in your website. Of course, this means more revenue for site owners. Ezoic’s ad partners include, Criteo, Mode Media, and more.


Google AdSense requires a minimum of $100 before you can withdraw your earnings. Ezoic, on the other hand, only requires a minimum of $20.


Ezoic provides a thorough data analysis for every web page. Information and statistics are presented on your very own dashboard, and users can adjust which type of data can be shown first.


With Ezoic, site owners can effectively filter out ad categories that won’t go well with the website’s purpose or branding. Political, sexual, dating, and religious-related ads can be blocked from showing up on your pages if these won’t serve any good purpose for your site.


Although Ezoic has a paid version, users can still make use of the tool for free forever. For free users, Ezoic will only place their own ad at the bottom of your website. For those who want to remove the ad, users have to pay a percentage of their monthly revenues to Ezoic, however the benefit of using the system means this is never really a consideration.

Even if users choose to go for the paid version, no contract is involved. Site owners can simply choose to stop using the tool at any time without penalties whatsoever.

Cons of Ezoic


Some of the ads may slow down the loading pages of your site. Make sure you check your site’s loading speed often (and compare the speed before and after using Ezoic). You can also test and filter out the type of ads that could cause your site to slow down.


This used to be a problem, whereby Ezoic rarely provided updates, however they have significant venture capital funding and are fully engaged in perfecting their tool and releasing improvements on a regular basis. The only con in this respect might be that if you request a certain feature, there could be a long delay in implementation. This isn’t uncommon with most online tools and services however. After all, they are a business and will prioritise development that makes them money.


Although Ezoic is an automated ad optimization tool, its algorithm does not always get it ‘right’ everytime. This sometimes happens in Google AdSense too. 

Ads that are not relevant to your branding or even ad categories that you have previously blocked could still show up from time to time. Whenever this happens, Ezoic’s account managers can always help out.

Best Ezoic Features


Of course, who does not like free stuff? Ezoic is efficient and free to use, that’s why it is popular among site owners and digital marketers alike. It’s not just a free trial, or a basic version either – users can enjoy the full suite of Ezoic’s tools and services for free for as long as they want. 

So, what’s the catch? Although it is free to use, Ezoic will put up their own ad at the bottom of the user’s website. Most users don’t mind, since the ad itself contributes to their earnings (and they are not intrusive in any way). But for those who really want to remove the ad, it can be done by opting to pay Ezoic a share from the monthly revenues.

Commercial and business websites however may be required to upgrade to a premium plan after a free one-month use.


Ezoic is a partner of Google AdSense, but they also partnered with many other advertising groups such as so website owners can choose many more ads from different types, categories, and brands that would be relevant for their site. Ultimately, this helps increase revenues.


Ezoic’s account managers will not leave you hanging. They will monitor the performance of your website and ads every week. They give regular updates, and will suggest new strategies and changes in your current ad choices and layouts to maximize your site’s earning potential. Best of all, account managers are always on the ready to assist concerns and any issues experienced while Ezoic is being used for the website.


Just because you have a website, it does not automatically mean that you are tech-savvy. Many bloggers and site owners can set-up a website nowadays because it has become easier with platforms such as WordPress and Blogger. But this is not something to worry about. 

Ezoic is very user-friendly, even for site owners who are not really too technical. Ezoic’s set-up and dashboard are designed to be very understandable and easy to do. Aside from that, account managers can always lend a helping hand.

Video Introduction

Ezoic Gallery

There is no need to worry if you are not tech-savvy. Anyone can learn to use Ezoic. Let’s start with some of the basics.

How to Get Started With Ezoic

To start using Ezoic, you have to sign up for an account. Click ‘Get Started’ that is found at the upper right portion of their website.

You will be redirected to a page that requires you to fill in a form.

How to Set-Up Ezoic For Your Website

There are several ways to set-up and enable Ezoic for your website. You can either change your name servers, install the WordPress plugin, or enable CloudFlare.

How to Enable Ezoic’s Ad Tester

Ad Tester is one of Ezoic’s most popular tool. To enable Ad Tester, install Ezoic Chrome Extension. 

Then create ad placeholders which will mark the potential ad locations in your site. 

After creating placeholders, insert or wrap them around your existing ads.

Ezoic FAQ

Will Ezoic increase my website revenue?

Ezoic is created to apply machine learning to websites to ensure that it can study user and visitor behavior and preferences. It uses these patterns to automatically make small changes that can eventually increase revenues and improve metrics.

Site owners and bloggers who make use of Ezoic see an increase of more than 50% in revenues because of better ad positions, lesser bounce rates, and increased page visits and time on site. 

Will my visitors see many ads on my website?

Ezoic makes sure that a balance is achieved between ad revenues and customer experience. A great customer experience is necessary if you want to maintain revenues for your site. 

Visitors who only see intrusive ads will more likely stay away or exit from your page as soon as possible – affecting your views and revenues in the long run. 

Ezoic’s job is to make sure that your ads show up in areas that are not annoying or intrusive for your visitors. It helps you increase revenues while making sure that user experience is not compromised.

What type of websites can Ezoic work with?

Ezoic works with many types of website – whether that be business, commercial or Ecommerce sites, or personal blog sites owned by professionals and individuals. It helps both major brands and small informative sites that aim to deliver high-quality content, services, and user experience.

Will my site experience any type of change?

Ezoic cannot change anything on your website. Although its tools will review and suggest changes in ad placements and site layout, actual changes can only be done with your approval. In fact, you can even choose to disable or hide ads for specific pages on your site.

Is my data safe with Ezoic?

Yes. All the files and database in your site remain in your full control.

Can Ezoic help me set-up their service?

Ezoic makes its integration and set-up process easy, but if you encounter any confusion, their customer support is always at the ready to assist you 24/7. Just drop a message at [email protected].  

Alternatives to Ezoic

Aside from Ezoic, there are several tools and resources that provide automated ad optimization tools and services for website owners and digital marketers. Below are the top 3 best alternatives to Ezoic.


Unlike Ezoic, VDO.AI uses the power of video ads to increase revenues for site owners and publishers. This is best for site owners who find video widgets more lucrative than multiple ad banners. Users of VDO.AI also report an increased 50% in revenues.

Setting up VDO.AI can take a day, and it only accepts integration using a single javascript. Videos are sourced from Google ADX, Appnexus, and many other video demand platforms. Like Ezoic, VDO.AI uses automation to optimize video ads according to content relevance and user preference.


Minimum payment threshold is $100, and payments are sent via PayPal or through Wire transfer. Payments are withdrawable every 30 days.


There are strict requirements before site owners and publishers can apply for VDO.AI. The site should get a minimum of 500K views per month or at least 150K page views for tier one traffic. Website owners also need to get an approval from ad partners before finally making use of VDO.AI. 


VDO.AI gives an 80% share from the total revenues that they receive from their advertising partners to the publisher or site owners. The numbers are all tracked and presented in the user’s dashboard.


iZooto is another ad optimization tool like Ezoic and VDO.AI, but instead of banners or video ads, it presents ads via push notifications. These push notifications attract click-through rates that bring page views to partner brands, platforms and publishers. 

iZooto sources ads from networks such as RevContent, PubMatic, and more. Relevant ads are delivered to users via push notifications. When users/subscribers click on these notifications, publishers and site owners get more sales or subscribers. iZooto users see their revenues increase by 15 to 20%. 


iZooto subscribers don’t primarily earn revenue through the ads themselves, the push notifications only help site owners and publishers increase their audience, readership and page views. For ecommerce site owners, this means an increase in sales and repeat purchases.


iZooto has no traffic requirement. They even work with small teams and startups that are still trying to establish a website that delivers quality content and services.


iZooto has a free basic package for small websites and online stores that are just starting out. Established entrepreneurs, publishers, and ecommerce site owners have to pick a premium package. Premium packages start at $75 per month.


Have you ever noticed websites that show you a pop-up ad whenever you try to leave or exit their page? That’s what Spoutable does. It helps site owners and publishers earn ad revenues by using relevant exit ads. 

It is convenient and ‘cleaner’ for both publishers and visitors/users. It also offers layouts where ads or widgets are placed in the sides, top, bottom, or overlaid on site pages. Spoutable users report an increase of 20% in site revenues.


Like VDO.AI, the minimum payment threshold for Spoutable is $100, and payments can be withdrawn every 20 days. Transfer is through PayPal and wire transfers.


Before using Spoutable, publishers are required to generate more than a thousand traffic per day. The website should not also contain any adult content. Approval of websites can take more or less 1 day.


Spoutable gets a 50% share from the publisher’s ad revenues. They do have a 5% referral commission for users who can refer a new publisher into their network within the first 6 months of using Spoutable.

Ezoic Pricing

Ezoic offers three different pricing plans to suit the needs of every site owner or publisher. All plans come with a free 1-month premium trial (with no fee and no Ezoic ad at the bottom of the page). The selected plan will begin after the first month ends.






FEE FREE – but with ad at the bottom of the website $249 Profit-sharing (depends on the purpose of the siteand its monthly revenues)
TOOLS & SERVICES All Ezoic apps and features All Ezoic apps and features, including DFP/Ad Manager Integration All Ezoic apps and features, plus advanced or custom platform integrations and API access.
PERFECT FOR Bloggers, individual and small publishers Ecommerce sites (small to meduim-sized business owners) For major brands, corporate sites, and large publishing groups.

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Ezoic Support and Customer Service

For queries, concerns, and other needs, Ezoic’s support and customer service team can be reached through or via email at [email protected]. Ezoic is well-known for its amazing and fast responding customer service team. They can be reached 24/7, and their dedicated account managers are knowledgeable and very updated when it comes to industry standards, new developments, and tech updates.

User Reviews of Ezoic

“A fantastic ad optimization tool! “

Jane F. 

What do you like best?

It is an effective platform that helps you in finding the content of your choice by just putting the tags or the keywords. It allows you to by putting up a sequence for a particular content. You just out in the word and it will scroll for you and gives you number of options for use.

What do you dislike?

It a good tool with latest features which is a good point so no disliking for it yet.

Recommendations to others considering the product

A great and sufficient tool that helps you in making great content for yourself and also very easy to install. Helps you as it is latest so it is very user friendly and time saving.

What business problems are you solving with the product? What benefits have you realized?

It is an excellent tool for making super great content specially during fast hours. With its latest features you can use whatever you want and find anything very precisely. It also has a very amaible support that assist you anytime..

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Even if you choose a Basic plan, Ezoic will not post an ad at the bottom of your page during the first month. And if you choose the Professional or Enterprise plan, payment will start only after the 1-month free trial period.